Joburg Kyalami 9 Hour


This event has ended


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Tickets purchased for the events original date (3-4 December 2021) will be valid on 4-5 February 2022.
KIDS: ID Document
NO ID needed for Kids escorted with adults
ADULTS: ID Document
All spectators attending the event need to have on their person a valid copy of the Identification document.
Vaccination Card
All spectators attending the event need to be fully vaccinated. They will need to present their ID document and provide their vaccination certificate, either digital or a printed one. Ages 0-11 are not eligible for vaccination so they do not need to provide a vaccination certificate.
U18 Vaccination
Ages 0-11 are not eligible for vaccination so they do not need to provide a vaccination certificate.12-18 only require a single vaccination and will be permitted on that basis.
All spectators attending the event must present a valid event ticket.
Temperature checks
Those with readings higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius will be sent home as per above
All spectators are always required to wear masks during the event
Hand Sanitiser
Adequate hand‐sanitiser bottles and stations will be available outside and inside the venue.
Social Distancing
Always adhere to 1.5m social distancing between spectators prior to, during and after the event. Spectators are furthermore required to enter and vacate the premises as quickly and efficiently as possible and are not allowed to loiter at the Venue.
Ticket Refund Policy

If this event is cancelled, rescheduled or curtailed, Event Protect will provide a simple and fast refund process. You can apply directly to Event Protect for a refund. Provided the event has been accepted and is covered by the Programme, which is underwritten by "A" rated insurers, your application will be managed through Event Protect. Please note communicable diseases such as the COVID-19 Virus is not covered by this Policy.


Kyalami 9 Hour